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The Food Coalition Project - FORUM

The purpose of this open meeting will be to network, collaborate, and discuss diving deeper into the county-wide issues that affect #foodaccess, #chronicdisease, #foodinsecurity, #fooddeserts, and #foodwaste.  

1171 Hancock Road - Community Room A

Food insecurity in Mohave County ranks 3rd in the state, which means that 19.7% of our friends & neighbors are concerned where their next meal is coming from or have difficulty budgeting for nutritious food. We have jobs - sometimes multiple jobs and some of us still have to choose between bills, utilities, car payments and our food budget.  Our food choices, our health and what we put on the dinner table generally suffers.

95% of all disease and chronic health ailments are caused by malnourishment or the foods we eat. Mohave County ranks in the top three Arizona counties for prevalence of Diabetes, Obesity, Heart Disease and Cancer.

Closer to 35% of our community members live in a Food Desert , which means we live over 6 miles away from grocery stores, or food establishments. This creates an under-served population.

24% of our children in Mohave County suffer silently in poverty and 80% of school kids are on the free lunch program. 1 in 4 kids in Arizona go hungry on the weekends and during the summer. Tummies hurt and brain power is diminished without proper nourishment.

Did you know that 75 billion pounds of edible, nutritious food product is thrown into landfills every year? Imperfectly delicious Food waste could otherwise feed our communities and aid the environment.

As a community, how are we planning to make a change throughout Mohave county? 

  • community gardens

  • neighborhood mobile pantries

  • rescued food access hub

  • transportation & logistics to access food

  • CSA - Farm Stands - Farmer's Markets

  • Nutrition Rx healthcare

  • healthier nutritious food choices and menu options

  • unrestricted, hassle-free access to fresh food

  • conscientious use of food

  • family nutrition & lifestyle education

We value your opinions and feedback as we jointly create better access to food in our community. 

Please mark your calendars and lettuce know if you can attend - we hope to see you there. 

Feel free to share the info with others interested in this issue. We must garner additional community support to advance the project.

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