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Dan & Betty BEFORE - AFTER

At the age of 50 - after years of teaching ‘healthy-living’ & alternative wellness - Dan Miller found he had overlooked his own personal struggle with Obesity, junk-food addictions, unconscious eating habits and developed a host of chronic illnesses and life-threatening degenerative disease.  Even his wife Betty, had pretended that she was fine – when actually suffering from annoying chronic symptoms and debilitating ailments.  Even with all the years of Health & Wellness expertise, neither had ever considered Lifestyle behavior modification, Juicing Wellness or Nutritional Science as a treatment therapy

for weight loss and optimum health. 

In crisis mode, Dan undertook a Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead Juicing Reboot regimen and during that time discovered 'Forks Over Knives' and the ground-breaking work The China Study, by T. Colin Campbell, whereby 40 years of research has stunningly revealed that a WholeFood Plant-Based (WFPB) eating lifestyle is "far more effective in promoting health and preventing disease than prescription drugs, surgery, invasive treatments, vitamin and herbal supplementation, and genetic manipulation."   WFPB has been found to definitively alleviate chronic annoying symptoms, and reverse auto-immune illnesses and degenerative diseases like: obesity, diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis and cancers. 

Grateful for new found research tying diet to disease, both Dan & Betty began practicing an exclusive WFPB eating lifestyle in September-2012 and the results were nothing short of phenomenal. Dan had an immediate reduction in annoying symptoms, a reversal of chronic auto-immune illnesses and experienced an extreme sustained weight loss of 150 pounds! He was featured at RebootwithJoe.com, became a brand Ambassador and participated in a Success Story commercial. Betty, inadvertently benefited from Dan’s initial weight loss, because she was inspired to eat along with him & learned how to prepare new whole foods and plant-based dishes, and quickly experienced a 60 pound weight loss, ceased having debilitating Osteo Arthitis pain, reversed degenerative diseases and improved mobility, recovered from heavy metal poisoning and reversed her auto-immune illnesses and Angina symptoms. 

We've 'been there and done that'  and have first hand experience with obesity, disease, chronic ailments and debilitating lifestyles. We have both overcome early-onset health & lifestyle crisis to emerge victorious.  We are passionate that you also enjoy a long and healthy life, without dependence on conventional allopathic health care, surgery, pills/potions/supplements, pharmaceuticals, or invasive medical treatments.  

Nutritional Education is the elusive key to improving our health and quality of life.  We believe that we offer you a better alternative: innovative yet simplistic health technology products and wholistic lifestyle consulting services to support your vibrant life.    We continue to keep the edge in healing & wellness science, technology, and consulting services. We are happy to discuss or offer solutions for your chronic concerns. We strive to make complicated science simple and dispel cultural myths.

Nutritional Lifestyle Science must be taught to empower and encourage individuals toward a more fervent concern for Wholistic self-preservation utilizing a Whole Food Plant-based Lifestyle choice.  Because both experienced a profound weight loss and life-changing reversal of illness and chronic disease, Dan was compelled to spread the word of the overwhelming benefits of WFPB lifestyle and completed the T. Colin Campbell Foundation Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition through Cornell University. Dan’s lifelong understanding of living with obesity since childhood, illuminated the fact that sustained weight loss and seeking optimum health is a lifestyle adaptation and may require tools and support. Vegetable Juicing can in fact be used as a simple tool to initially overcome food addictions and further provide a complementary and healthful transition to a WFPB Lifestyle. 

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