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How Plant-Foodists fuel for the day

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

No more bacon & eggs!

So many more options than just bacon, eggs for breakfast.....

Sweet oatmeal works anyday....but what about savory oatmeal cooked with garlic & onions and veggies.
How about whole-grain pancakes or hearty banana -nut bread.
Stick with a big 'ol breakfast wrap with taters & veggies -- don't forget the almond milk cheezy sauce!
Not keen on Tofu? Try it in a morning scramble with mushrooms & spinach and a side of veggie browns! You can even make an omelette.....

Plantbased wholefood options abound for your hearty breakfast. Fuel for the whole day. Here are fifteen more terrific ideas to start your day plantbased.


Check out our recipe section for ideas and ingredient lists. #tofuscramble #savoryoatmeal #wfpb

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