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Eating well on any budget

Updated: Mar 2, 2019

Stick with simplicity. Fresh, whole plantbased ingredients.

Often the most nutritious foods are also the least expensive. You will receive all the nutrition you need staying in the plant-realm.

Plantbased shopping list -- Stock Your Pantry with the Basics







Strawberries (or any kind of berries you like, including frozen fruit) for smoothies

Mango/peaches (frozen, for second and third weeks)

Dried fruit (like raisins) for oatmeal


Sweet potatoes

Salad greens

Carrot sticks

Edamame (frozen or fresh)

Bag of frozen vegetables

Toppings for a veggie burger and hummus sandwiches (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, etc.)


Oatmeal and/or cold cereal

Frozen vegan waffles

Whole grain toast

Rice cakes and/or pita bread

Brown rice


Whole wheat/brown rice pasta




Dried or canned red, green, or other variety lentils, kidney, pinto, garbanzo (chickpeas), black, black-eyed peas, or other variety of beans


Plant milk: Pick from rice, almond, soy, oat, hemp or other varieties

Vegan cup/can of soup: McDougall’s cup of soups, Amy’s, Healthy Valley, or some other vegan, low-fat soup (bonus for low-sodium)

Vegan veggie burger: vegan Boca brand or other vegan variety

Apple butter, jam, or mustard for low-fat topping of toast/rice cakes and sandwiches

Agave nectar or maple syrup for oatmeal, pancakes, or waffles

Jar of marinara sauce, aim for low-fat or fat-free

Snacks: Soy/rice yogurt, oven-baked tortilla chips; popcorn kernels (look in fruit/vegetable category for additional snacks)

Spices: cinnamon for oatmeal, curry powder or nutritional yeast to top popcorn

Look what $25 bought at our local 99cent Only store. They procure 'rescued produce' to keep costs and waste down.

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