"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

"I'd very much like to help you. I have struggled with obesity and food addictions since a kid. In 1989, after I watched my Mom die an excruciatingly slow, painful death from a lingering fight against Allopathic Medicine and debilitating multiple myeloma bone cancer; I embarked on a personal quest and professional journey as a dedicated, Investigative Researcher & Health Advocate - seeking alternative therapies for so called incurable illness and degenerative disease.


I finally connected with an effective strategy -- a 'secret' for achieving optimum health and reversing degenerative disease....

Relax, Enjoy Life, Eat Plants"

               - Dan Miller, CPBWF, WFPB Nutrition Educator, CHIP Science 

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Alleviate confusion.....We have been there and done that! 

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Plantbased WholeFood Nutrition & Lifestyle Consultation & Classes


Nutrition & Lifestyle Services for individuals, families or groups.

Nutrition Evaluations, Lifestyle Counseling & Support, Cooking Classes, Grocery Tours, Biometric Asessment, Social Events

WOW FreshChoice Mobile Produce Pantry


WOW Mobile Produce Pantry Pops-Up in a parking lot near you. 


Program available in Mohave County Arizona providing free, unrestricted access to fresh produce and pantry items for individuals,

families or groups. 

Office:  928.758.7689

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4825 Hwy 95 Suite 2230

Fort  Mojave, AZ   86426


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